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Tailored Beauty,
Unparalleled Comfort.

Welcome to a World of Inspired Interior Design at Its Finest. Unleash the Potential of Your Living Spaces with Our Signature Interior Designs. Join Us in Creating Interiors That Reflect Your Personality and Enrich Your Lifestyle.

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Our Clientele


Commercial Interiors
Tata Motors
Residential Interiors
Deja Vu Cafe
Commercial Interiors

In the achievements section of our interior design studio's portfolio, we take immense pride in showcasing a dynamic array of accomplishments that underline our commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of interior design.



Dedicated to developing cutting-edge concepts, driving the evolution of built environment and urban development.


Successful projects ensuring client satisfaction delivered within time and budget.

In our services section, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of design solutions tailored to capture the essence of each individual space.

Interiors and Architecture

Unleash the Potential of Your Living Spaces with Our Signature Interior Designs.

Execution Cordination

Streamline project execution ensuring seamless collaboration and timely deliverables.

Solar Power

Empower your future with clean energy solutions – harness the sun's potential with our cutting-edge solar power solutions.


Elevate efficiency and productivity through tailored automation solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Nulty Lighting

''We are pleased to submit a recommendation for Alekhya Design Studio's excellent workplace interior design services. Their collaborative approach, understanding of our corporate culture, and emphasis on balancing aesthetics and functionality resulted in a workspace that boosts productivity and teamwork. Throughout the project, the team's professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability were commendable. Our newly renovated office space proudly portrays our brand's identity and fascinates  visitors.''



''The final result of the interior design project of  left me speechless. My house has been converted into a beautiful, comfortable, and elegant environment that matches my personality and style. Every guest who enters my home is immediately attracted by the design, and I frequently receive compliments on it. Their devotion, ingenuity, and passion for their profession are absolutely admirable. Jui and Lopa are two fantastic young women who approach their work professionally while still being excellent friends outside of work.''

Cafe Deja Vu

''They have converted our area into a warm and welcoming spot. Their team completely understood our vision and transformed our area into the earthy and evergreen forest vibe we envisioned, something we didn't think was achievable in today's urban fabric. From the layout to the decor, the attention to detail is amazing. Communication was excellent throughout the project, and they handled our needs admirably. Their innovative ideas made this endeavour a success. Our café is currently known as a sophisticated and cosy hangout  that customers love.''

Hear what our clients say about us!

Here are some words directly from the amazing clients that we have worked with till now. 


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